Emergency Maintenance & Safety


Safety Checklist

  • Main Water Shutoff Value
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Emergency Exits
  • Smoke Detectors

Here at Capital Property Management US, We care about our clients and tenants. Educating yourself on home safety could save your family's life. We ask that you take this time to review some of the important Fire, Gas and Water Safety information.

You will learn how to recognize an emergency and what steps to take if an emergency situation arises. Please start by selecting either Fire, Gas or Water in the left side menu. 

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Gas Leak 
  • Electrical / Main Broker Box
  • Operating Appliances


Submitting a Maintenance Request

There are multiple ways to submit a maintenance request to Capital Property Management US. If you have signed up for your online portal, please log in to start your maintenance request. If you have not signed up for your online portal, you can submit a request from our website or E-mail at Jessica@CapitalPropertyManagement.US

Plumbing / Water Maintenance Request

If you are experiencing a plumbing / leaking water emergency. Turn off the water valve immediately to prevent further damage. If you're unable to locate the valve leading to the leak, turn off the main water valve. 

Leak Emergency?

How to Shut off the Main Water Valve

Every Home has a valve located at every toilet and faucet.

If the leaks continues, you will need to locate and turn off the Main Water Valve. 

Electrical Emergency?

How to Turn off the Breaker

Tenants & Homeowners alike should know how to function their electrical panel.

Watch this video to see how to function your homes electrical panel.